Comprehensif Guide to Electronik Musik

Ishkur has graced the world with his own idiosyncratic taxonomy of electronic music. It can be found here. Worth looking at even if you hate the stuff.

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Fifty years already of that weird Citroën

The Citroën DS (pronounced in French day-ess, like déesse, or goddess) is about to celebrate its 50th birthday! Hard to believe.

Check it out :

(article in Le Monde)

Here are two fun links,in English:

The latter is an appreciation by Roland Barthes. Sample quote: “There are in the D.S. the beginnings of a new phenomenology of assembling, as if one progressed from a world where elements are welded to a world where they are juxtaposed and hold together by sole virtue of their wondrous shape, which of course is meant to prepare one for the idea of a more benign Nature.”

I assure you, without having read the original, that the translator was faithful to it.

<%image(20050213-DS_openneer.gif|118|45|Zoze fameux shocks)%>

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