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The relaunch of Wetmachine on newer blogging and serving platforms is a good opportunity to re-introduce myself. I’ve been working on this project — this atttempt to make on-line places where real people can really work together — since October 29, 2004 (and bloging about it since the next day). I write this blog for my children, to read in the future, to show them why I’ve loved going to work each morning.

I want them to know that I believe that right now, we are transitioning from the information age to the imagination age.

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When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro

When they make a movie of one of Johnny’s books, I hope they use this tune. It’s written by Warren Zevon and Hunter S. Thompson, and has a paranoid feel on a blues riff. Voices of the dead, I guess. Rest In Peace, guys.

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