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The Government Information Awareness project is intended to bring transparency to politically and socially relevent information. A major idea is to allow users to post and contest unchecked information while retaining anonymity. It involves some really hard information architecture issues.

The inspiration came from a plot to collect and relate info on US citizens, by a man convicted of attempting to run a shadow government. That man is Admiral John Poindexter, and his Total Information Awareness plot has actually been implemented as the the more marketable Terrorism Information Awareness program.

I haven’t heard about GIA since its launch. I’m not sure if this is an interesting experiment that didn’t pan out, or if the idea could have legs.

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  1. John says:

    I wish it were more obvious what the project status was. I clicked on a couple of things (related to the Vice President, of course!) and got messages to the effect of “under development.” In general, it looks like a cool idea though. Remind me to post a link about global conspiracy art.

  2. John Lambert says:

    What is going oon here, i measn why cant we just live in peace. Eh now come on shake hands everyone and lets talk our problems over otherwise we will all suffer…

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