another laszlo/croquet pairing

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated and charmed by this stuff…

Neat thing built on Laszlo, and links to news of Laszlo funding. Cool stuff.

And then… bam… a comparison to a product from a Croquet company (Qwaq).

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  1. John says:

    That Ghost Webtopp is pretty interesting, and the story behind the company is certainly cool. I, personally, want to hear more about a similar product from Laszlo Systems, the Laszlo Webtop. However, I think Ghost and WebTop, while conceptually similar (and both built using OpenLaszlo) are really aiming at different markets. And in any event, the Web is plenty big enough for both of them to prosper.

    I’m waiting to see more comparisons of Croquet and Second Life. When they start cropping up, I think it will be a good sign that Croquet is emerging from the academic labs out into the world.

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