Are You In My Game?

My two youngest kids asked me to reinstall Disney Aladdin for the umpteenth time on Windows, and to please make it work this time. I sat down, and they knowingly left the room and turned the TV up. Presumably to drown out the funky language they would soon be hearing from Dad. But instead, I installed a Croquet application I’ve been working on.

It happens to have a dead-simple navigation mechanism that I stole from Orion Elenzil. Even my four year old can drive around in Croquet.

So he’s merrilly driving around over these hills. It took him about 15 seconds to discover that he could open portals by clicking on them, and that if he hit it right, he could drive through the portal into another space. He likes to drive.

Meanwhile, I connected from another computer, and drove up next to him.

“Hey, Dad!” he said, “Are you in my game?”

And we were off, playing follow-the-leader and hide-and-seek.

Thomas is the Toy Soldier, and I'm the Dragon. Thomas uses the buttons in the lower right to navigate.

Thomas is the Toy Soldier, and I’m the Dragon. Thomas uses the buttons in the lower right to navigate.

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  1. Bazkaz says:

    That’s pretty cool. I can’t wait to use this system.

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