I’m OK!

I’ll just be sore for a bit. There was no slow motion fear or skid to replay over and over — just a flash of brown in the headlamp, and then I was crumpled on the street. It must have come down through the wooded hillside to the right, or that black hole of a driveway in the apex of the turn. Not the creek on the left, or I would have seen it. The witnesses said it took off into the woods, just leaving behind some fur in the shattered plastic.

I guess I’ll have to take some time off to get the scooter fixed, and a new helmet. Or maybe a small Hummer.

Ouch. Maybe a really big Hummer.

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  1. John says:

    What was it, el chupaqubra?

  2. John says:

    Also, glad you’re OK! Stay that way!

  3. Stearns says:

    In these parts, there are lots of deer that until last night, have had a foot or more separation between me and them, and mountain lions that I’ve never seen except in foot prints. Despite the above incident happening nearly at La Avenue de Las Pulgas, it did not involve el chupaqubra, which here go by their anglican initials VCs.

  4. Ron says:

    Ouch! I bet that hurt. I’m glad you’re ok.

  5. Harold says:

    I’m glad you’re OK. Sorry to hear about this.

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