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  1. John says:

    What I like best about this app is that good maps still cannot find me. (When you type in my real address, it shows the wrong place.) I cannot tell you how comforting that is. I know, I know, it will not be a long-lived situation. The overmind is probably reading this comment right now and investigating. But for the nonce, it’s very satisfying.

  2. Stearns says:

    Did you have something like this in mind:

    Yes, I can imagine the Google overmind keeping track of how you vote, or maybe placing your vote for you.

    But really, for now I’m pretty damn pleased with:
    1) Making it easy to get info on how and where to vote.
    2) Having citizens — corporate or individual — to act to make such info available, even if your federal and local government don’t. (You may not trust corporations as good citizens, and history suggest you’d be right. But that’s no reason to not demand and expect that they should behave that way. Google is also participating in a general campaign to get out the vote.)
    3) Making it darn easy to enlist likeminded others to spread the (interactive) knowledge of how and where to vote.
    4) Using technology to achieve the above.
    5) To do something that matters. (I’m pretending, for the purpose of this conversation, that the election matters. A point that, staring at the black ceiling at night, I’m not entirely convinced of.)

  3. John says:

    Wow, I love that video. And yes, that’s the feeling I’m talking about. So I’m glad that the Google Mind has not found me yet. (Remind me to tell you about the Sweet Life Cafe incident).

    I’m sure that the app is killer, and I support all the pro-democracy positions you list above. But I’m glad I’m still under the radar.

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