Rest In Peace, Andreas Raab


What you’ve tried to teach me:

  • Do the simplest thing that can possibly work.
  • Be fearless in programming — except in matters of security.
  • You should be able to write one single sentence of documentation for each method.
  • Tell people when a colleague does good work.
  • Do what you want or must, but maintain control over yourself.


speaking at Boston Computer Museum's Computer Revolutionaries eventon the zeppelin over Silicon Valley

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  1. John says:


    My deep condolences to you and all Andreas’s friends, family and colleagues. Over the years you often mentioned him and his work in your posts about programming in general and Croquet in particular, and your respect for the man and his skill always showed. You’re not an easy man to impress, and though you are a friendly man you have little tolerance for fools or blowhards. The fact that you thought so highly of Andreas is all the testament I need to know that he merited esteem. I regret that I never met him. But thank you for introducing him to me through Wetmachine.

  2. Stearns says:

    Thank you, John.

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