Class warfare (a brief update)

I am shocked, shocked, that the robber-barons who extorted $850 billion from the people last autumn would turn around and use that money to fund a shock-and-awe campaign on the American working class. Golly gumdrops, I am dismayed. All the while I thought the High Capitalists and Party Functionaries were such nice people!

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  1. JohnMc says:

    I see, you are opposed to secret ballot in unionization elections. Its good enough for Congress but not for me. Nice call.

  2. John says:

    John’s still toking up, I see.

    I’m thinking of taking up pot again myself. Now that it’s legal in lefty Massachusetts!

  3. Stearns says:

    Why should there be anything more required than to incorporate and say “I’m a union?” Why make employees jump through any more hoops than did the folks who started the company?

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