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Blue Gal & the Future of the Mashup Video

I’m posting this here because I think it’s sublime in a catty-cruel kind of way, and not (only) because I want Blue Gal to give my books some love on her Vast Left Wing Conspiracy of moonbat blogs.

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My Thoughts Exactly

Doggone it, you betcha, this is the most moving video of all time!

Poignant, funny, bittersweet, sweepingly cinematic, poetic, and maybe even a tad disturbing.

The Russians really do have a genetic gift for melancholy, I think. This guy may displace Pasternak! Laura from Dr. Zhivago, step aside. There is a new star in the firmament, a new heartbreaking love-object just out of reach. And her name is


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My Thoughts Exactly

McBush McSame, mcJohn McCain!

Those meanines on the internets keep showing this little video of W’s very-own Mini-me, McSame McBush McCain, saying how staying in Iraq for a hundred years would be “fine with him”.

But everybody knows that it’s unfair to show Straight-Talking Maverick St. John McCain saying anything politically unpopular! St. John got mad. St. John got sad. St. John went to his jillionaire-millionaire wife looking for a little love, but she was too busy plagiarizing a cookbook to notice him. He wound up back in the arms of the Hugger-in-Chief!

Now that’s what I call “straight” talk!

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My Thoughts Exactly

War Criminal Feith: “Regrets? I have a few. But then again, too few to mention.”

Over on the corporate media Tee Vee, War Criminal Douglas Feith was seen to be spouting his lies, equivocations, rationalizations and deathworship the other night. He’s pretty good at that shit, even if he is the “dumbest fucking guy on the face of the planet”.

Fortunately for us, we have Athenae (also known as Allison Hantschel), who is a bonafide expert on what a horrible lying war criminal Feith actually is, to provide running commentary and expert debunking of war criminal Feith’s lies and omissions.

Her book Special Plans is a fantastic resource for anybody who cares about the truth of how the United States of America launched its disasstrous war of agression in Iraq.

Note to producers of infotainment shows on the TV: How about a little Allison love, OK? So she’s not Alyson Hannigan, I’ll grant you that. But she ain’t bad lookin neither! Put her on the air; the country will thank you for it.

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Inventing the Future

Touchability Cues

When I wrote “Touchability,” it had already been a while since a buddy had shown me a haptic mouse he was working on. For example, you could feel an actual bump when the mouse enters and leaves an object (a real version of what developers sometimes call rollover). Force feedback was such an obviously good thing that I didn’t even mention then the cool stuff that’s now happening in this area.

As much as I think physical touchability is good, I want to be clear that I want to make Croquet applications be emotionally touchable, too. I want to capture what it is that makes things seem (be?) real. Even without physical force feedback, it should still be fun to fondle stuff because of active visual and aural responses and good 3D design.

To be sure, I’d love to add to the effect with more sensory stimulus. There are huge possibilities, and I hope folks will explore them. This stuff is cool. There’s someone working on stereo display for Croquet. Others working on large screens in public spaces. I don’t doubt that we’ll see Croquet on small or cheap devices. There’s plenty of room for innovation.

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Inventing the Future

consumers union telecom lobbying website

‘Consumers Union launched a web site ( [love the title! -H]) that is

designed to provide consumers with information on telecom and media

industry developments, help them shop for products and services, and

make it easier to lobby lawmakers and policy-makers on issues. “This

web site addresses the explosion of activist groups and energized

consumers who are frustrated by the government’s hands-off approach

when it comes to dealing with their concerns over higher bills, poorer

service, and the fact a handful of companies control their

communications,” said Gene Kimmelman, senior director-public policy

for Consumers Union.’

SOURCE: TR Daily, AUTHOR: Paul Kirby

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Tales of the Sausage Factory

For Copyright Buffs in Europe

I got this notice from the Consumer Project on Technology, which is a public advocacy organization I’ve worked with and respect. CPT has been very active on a variety of fronts seeking to limit abuses of intellectual property.

The Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue ( is planning an event in Brussels on Feb 4 on digital copyright issues. If people are interested in this, the should contact Jamie Love ( or Manon Ress ( for more info….

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