I Take the #CallYourRep4TheNet Challenge, and You Can Too!

My buddies at Free Press are running a challenge to get people to call their Member of Congress to support the Congressional Resolution Act of Disapproval (CRA) to repeal the FCC Order eliminating net neutrality rules (more info here). You can find out more about #CallYourRep4TheNet Karaoke Challenge here.

I was tagged by Free Press’ Candace Clement. So here is my contribution. I’m posting the lyrics below the fold. If you can’t think of your own lyrics for the #CallYourRep4TheNet Challenge, feel free to steal use these. Creative Commons attribution license on the lyrics. Music is copyright to Disney. Given Disney’s traditional opposition to net neutrality, I believe this is transformative social commentary/fair use — and I’m hoping they have a sense of humor (but if I get a takedown notice I will let you know).


Even if you don’t make your own entry, you can call your Congressional Representative by using this tool from my employer Public Knowledge. And reminder, you don’t need to call your Senators because we already won that vote! Booyah!



Title: Support the CRA by Harold Feld (c) 2018 Creative Commons Attribution license.

TTO: I’ll Make A Man Out of You from the original animated version of Disney’s Mulan.


Let’s get down to business! To defeat Comcast.

You need to call your House Rep, and you must act fast!

Tell them to support the CRA, keep the ‘Net open and free

We’re gonna save net neutral-ity!


Tranquil as the forest, but on fire within.

If we keep on calling, we are sure to win.

Support Discharge Petition 11

(H. Res eight-hundred seventy-three)

Watch us save our net neutral-ity!



I’m gonna call my Congressman!

Gonna go to town hall meetings!

Tell ‘em “don’t cave to giant ISPs!”

We can win I know we can

They say “no” and we’ll keep repeating:

Support the CRA restore net neutrality!”



Support the CRA

Our calls flow in like a coursing river


With all the force of a great typhoon


We won’t stop now we’re on fire

Call Congress morning, night and Noon


Time is racing toward us, when elections arrive

Reverse the FCC Order and you might survive

Will you side with your constituents

Or with Charter and AT&T

Go vote to save net neutral-ity


Chorus (x2):

Support the CRA

Our calls flow in like a coursing river


With all the force of a great typhoon


We won’t stop now, we’re on fire

Call Congress morning, night and Noon!




credit to my son Aaron Feld, our mutual friend Erin Hughes, and our cat Diana (because every net neutrality video needs to be a cat video, right?)

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One Comment

  1. Dave Dayanan says:

    Great Song there. Hope they(government) can hear it loud and clear!

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